Brother Granite has 20 years experience as an Awasos Aqueni Ceremonialist.  His unique Totem Bone Readings will take you on a guided journey to help you with questions in your personal path.  Unlike Tarot, a Totem Bone Reading utilizes the Wisdom of Animal Spirit Totems in a spiritual way to aid you in guidance.  

Brother Granite is Native Story-Teller. His educational and entertaining programs utilize Native Folklore and Native Drumming. Storytelling predates the written word and this program teaches about Inter-Tribal songs and Folklore. Watch the stories come to life as the heartbeat of the drum sings its own story.


Brother Granite is an active Awasos Aqueni Ceremonialist. He offers Spiritual workshops, classes, Native Spirit Tarot Readings, Chakra Gemstone Readings, Stone Medicine Reiki Treatments and Spiritual Counseling.  Brother Granite is available for Psychic events, Fairs, Parties and one on one appointments.  

You can find his office in South Eastern Massachusetts at the following address.  4 School Street, Tauton Ma.  Look for the building clearly marked One Tauton Green.  You can also scedual an appointment using the contact link below.